Edible Landscapes

Landscaping is a great way to enjoy outdoor space & be at one with your piece of the Earth. Let's face it, though, increasingly homeowners on the Front Range are seeing the sustainable value of the edible landscape.  Enjoy fresh herbs from the garden.  Pick tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh greens for healthy & delicious salads.  We all want to be healthy, eat great food & walk lightly on the Earth.  Edible gardens are the way to achieve all three of these common values...and they are easier to manage than you would think! 

A great aspect of edible landscapes is the diversity it avails.  Enjoy fruit?  The possibilities range from a mini orchard with apple, peach & cherry trees to grape vines & raspberry bushes with a strawberry ground cover.  Have a few veggies that you love?  Choices & designs can be as simple as a few ornamental & edible plants such as rainbow chard & cabbages to a plot of a tomatoes, peppers & zucchinis with fresh herbs & greens.  The possibilites & combinations are limited only by your taste buds!

If you are interested in learning more, Cedar & Soil has a sister company called Veggiescapes that is an up & coming answer to the void in landscape designers & builders who specialize in edible landscapes.  Check out the Veggiescapes website at www.growveggiescapes.com They can be contacted through Cedar & Soil or through e-mail at veggiescapes@gmail.com.


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